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Internship Opportunity

The world of cosmetic chemistry is a growing field. As the beauty and cosmetic industries grow, the need for cosmetic chemists will as well. There is a projected 6% growth in the industry into the next 5 years. Crie Labs, located in Greensboro, NC, is offering an opportunity to gain entry into this exciting and rewarding industry through their internship program.

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Confident Businesswoman


This program will provide the intern real world experience through hands on experience testing and formulating cosmetic and beauty products. By the end of the internship, the student will gain knowledge and skills on developing safe products for consumers.

Job Description:

The duties and responsibilities of the intern will include but no limited to:


  • Challenge testing to include stabilization of products and microbes testing

  • Formulation of product including scaling, product building, and product fulfillment

  • Following up with clients on testing

  • Shadowing

Basic Understanding:

The ideal candidate would have knowledge of:

  • Principles of science

  • Chemical reactive

  • Microbes

  • Sanitation

What to Expect:

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least a sophomore

  • Chemistry, Biology, or other science majors; Mechanical, Chemical, or Manufacturing Engineering majors

  • Min 2.75 GPA

  • Available to commit 10-15/weekly

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