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Moist Hair EliXir is a light weight oil, that adds moisture and sheen to your hair without weighing the hair down.  This Elixir is a plant based alternative to using slicone based serums. It is heat activated and it assists with the smoothing process needed during the blowdry while also adding sheen. Apply to wet hair and blowdry in for a smooth finish. 

Moist Hair Elixir (12 count)

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  • EliXir is a dry oil that penetrates into the hair without weight it down.  Perfect to help smoothing hair for blowdry styles, or added to wet hair to create a light weight sheen. 

  • Jojoba Oil, Red Raspberry Seed oil, Rice Bran Oil, Broccoli Seed oil, Rosehip Oil, Scent/Fragrance

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